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Monday, May 05, 2014

Golden Tree

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Just a heads up to check online for any bad reports about a company before you sign with an agent or company  in New York, there are some questionable ones out there. You can check all of these companies before you sign a contract.
There are many reports to help you decide who would be and would not be good to work with.
go to Rip off report, scam book, Complaints Board and Better Business Bureau New York to read for yourself. If you get caught by one of these you can file a fraud complaint at  the Attorney General  office, you can do this online .Attorney General Complaint Forms

Good Luck

  Everything is a learning experience and we need to share what happens to us ...good or bad.... nothing is ever really bad because we come out of a bad experience much wiser

.Be aware, be smart, do not send your work without a complete check into the company, if you see a bad report, believe it and do not work with the company, if you see many bad reports then you can be sure it is not a company for you.  These companies know how to promote themselves as a real agency and have cleverly written fancy art talk on their website but usually their exhibitions are small , insignificant and do not list the artists in them at all. They will be in small  rental galleries somewhere in New York. They may cut the exhibitions shorter than advertised because most of the artists are from out of New York and leave after the opening.They may sell your work but not ever pay you, they may tell you about sales that never materialize, they may talk the talk but it is all unreal. They are clever and try to  hook you with flattery... do not be fooled. They will tell you that the bad reports are from bitter artists etc, and that they are their competition reporting falsely... not so, they are the result of bad experiences.

It is sad really because these bad companies are probably hurting some good ones,   not all of what they call Vanity Galleries and Vanity Companies  are bad, some do everything they say they will do, but  an artist is very hesitant to exhibit because of companies taking advantage of their honesty and naiivity. They are so believable ....but they are not honest. Check them Out. We should not let a few bad companies stop us from spreading art around the world, just be careful.

 I hope this helps my fellow artists. 

This article is not referring to any company in particular and any similarity is co incidental. It is just a general warning for artists to be careful.